Advantages of alcohol-free hand foam sanitiser

Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses
Effective against enveloped viruses
Quick kill
No risk of alcohol poisoning
Less risk of eye irritation
Doesn't sting or dry hands
Aligns with religious beliefs
Sufficient contact time to be effective
Less risk of antibacterial resistance
Compatible with a range of gloves

Barriers to compliance with alcohol hand sanitisers

  • Existing skin conditions
  • Skin irritation / damage to the skin
  • Religious beliefs

Reasons for increased compliance with INVIRTU

  • Alcohol-free solution developed to be gentle on the skin
  • Clinically proven not to dry hands even with repeated use
  • Lack of alcohol removes any concerns over incompatibility with religious beliefs

Product Data Sheets

We would be pleased to provide full information, including product details and safety data sheets, on request. Please email info@invirtu.co.uk or see the contact us page for more ways to speak with us.