Schools and Care Homes

There is a widespread misunderstanding that only alcohol-based hand sanitisers can be used, even though these are flammable, can be poisonous if swallowed, can cause eye irritation, are unacceptable to some faiths and can cause skin irritation.

Trusted alternatives to alcohol-based hand sanitisers are available, as used by Boots the Chemist, Rentokil Initial plc and the NHS.

INVIRTU alcohol-free hand foam sanitiser

Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses
Is effective against all enveloped viruses
Accounts for 92% of all NHS alcohol-free hand sanitisers
Is used in Boots the Chemist own-brand alcohol-free hand sanitiser foam
Contains the same active ingredients as used by operating theatre staff
Was developed and is manufactured by a UK-based company

You can find out more about effectiveness, safety checks and quality controls in the Why INVIRTU page.

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